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We provide specialized spoken classes designed for individuals looking to improve their communication skills. Understanding the importance of communication in today’s dynamic world, we are dedicated to helping people enhance their language abilities. If you have recently moved to a new country and are facing workplace challenges, contact us for excellent guidance. Customer satisfaction is our top priority

Understanding the PTE Structure

The PTE stands out for its integrated approach, assessing all four language skills simultaneously through authentic tasks. Let’s examine each section:

Speaking & Writing (combined; 50-77 minutes, Integrated tasks): This part evaluates your speaking and writing abilities through tasks such as describing images, retelling lectures, and composing summaries.

Reading (30-40 minutes, diverse text genres): This module measures your reading comprehension with activities such as multiple choice questions, identifying missing words, and summarizing information.

Listening (45-57 minutes, diverse audio styles): You will listen to recordings of lectures, conversations, and presentations, answering questions to evaluate your comprehension.

Our Benefits


Our experienced instructors are committed to ensuring your success in passing the PTE test on your first attempt. We offer tailored classes to accommodate students’ schedules for added convenience. We continuously monitor progress and focus on strengthening weaker areas. You can rest assured that we provide a full refund in the unlikely event that you do not pass the test, although such an outcome is highly unlikely.

Explore a variety of classes aimed at improving your spoken English proficiency. Our comprehensive offerings include:

1.Conversation Practice: Participate in lively discussions and interactive sessions to enhance confidence and fluency in spoken English.

2.Pronunciation Improvement: Perfect pronunciation through targeted exercises and personalized feedback from experienced instructors.

3.Vocabulary Expansion: Expand your vocabulary with tailored lessons focusing on essential words and phrases for effective communication.

4.Accent Reduction: Learn techniques to refine your accent and speak English with clarity and confidence.

5.Role-Play Scenarios: Sharpen communication skills through realistic role-play scenarios reflecting everyday situations.

No matter your objectives, our spoken English classes are tailored to meet your specific needs and help you achieve fluency and confidence in spoken English.